Building & Zoning

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The goal of the City of Swartz Creek’s Building and Zoning Department is to provide for the health and safety of the general public as it pertains to buildings and the surrounding areas.

Building & Zoning Forms, Documents, & Important Information

The major responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of the City's Building Codes
  • Issuance and inspection of permits such as construction, sidewalks, driveways, fences, and signs
  • Enforcement of the City's ordinances, which include complaints referencing trash and debris, sidewalk snow removal and weed/grass cutting (see weeds notice below for policy and fee for failure to comply)
  • Maintenance of all Building Department Records

The Building Department receives and reviews all applications or requests that are brought before the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.



The owner, lessee, tenant or occupant of any occupied or unoccupied lot, land or any part thereof in the city on which noxious weeds are found growing shall destroy the weeds before they reach a seed bearing stage and prevent their re-growth, or shall prevent them from becoming a detriment to public health.  If the owner, agent, or occupant refuses to destroy the noxious weeds, the city manager shall enter upon the land and destroy the noxious weeds.  Expenses incurred in the destruction shall be paid by the owner of the land, and the city shall have a lien against the land for the amount of the expense.  The lien shall be enforced in the manner provided by law (Per Section 20-24 in the amount of $300.00), for the enforcement of construction liens.

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